Some Mini Tips of Pitching

Here are some useful mini tips of pitching you tent.

1.Stake down tent corners when it is windy
Just stake down the corners, if you don’t want your tent to be blew away. It is a simple task to restake your tent in its final position later.

2.Clear debris
This step is easy, just is to protect the tent floor and ensure your backside is not poked by things. If this project takes a long time to finish, I suggest you to pick another camp site.

3.Be careful when setup poles
Tent poles can be tweaked or chipped when setting the tent. Please be careful and gentle when assemble them. Also, it is necessary to prepare several spare poles, in case some poles are broken.

And comes some tips of stakeout.

1.Keep it vertical and use the maximum power to stakeout.
2.Leave enough stake exposed to allow you to slip a tie-down cord over it.
3.Use tools like large rock or hammer to push the stake to the ground.

Hope those mini tips can help beginners to pitch the camping tents.