Egg Cooker Hard Boiled Eggs without the Shell Non-stick Silicone 6 Pack

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Easy and convenient to cook soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs.
Great for cooking eggs bites, egg white, fruit, cupcakes, frozen treats, candy.
Perfect holder for sorting small items. Fun for a birthday or holiday party, baby shower, picnic, wedding or showcase.

Color: Red
Material:Food Grade Slicone & PP
Net weight: 0.2 kg
Gross weight: 0.82 kg
Packing size: 3in * 3in * 6in

Easy To Use & Clean:
The set has 6 individual egg boiler with a lid making you prepare 6 eggs at once.
Hard lid with a screw and allows for convenient adding flavor etc.
Dishwasher safe without harsh detergents,

To use:
1Have your pot with boiling water ready.
2Crack your eggs in to the amount of pods, you need secure lids on them.
3Place into boiling water making sure they are floating
4Time your eggs. From when the water starts boiling again.
54 min's for soft boiled eggs. 10min's for hard boiled eggs.
6Use tongs to take out of the water.
7Place in to cold water for 1 minute before taking out ( cooling for a minute helps them out easier) for hot soft boiled eggs.
8For hard boiled eggs leave in cold water until cold.

Replace water as it heats up for perfect hard boiled eggs .
Cool quickly. ( to stop the eggs carry on cooking)
Peeling egg shells is time wasting and messy, it can break your eggs.
The perfect hassle free boiled egg every time.

Package Included:
6 * Egg Cooker