Electric Aquarium Air Pump for Fish Tank and Hydroponic 950 Gallon 32W

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Included in the package: 
1 x Air Pump 
1 x Outlet Nozzle 
1 x Air Divider Manifold 
1 x Pump-Manifold Connector Tube 
1 x User Manual 

Energy-efficient and highly resistant to wear-and-tear so you can leave it going 24/7; recommended for outdoor use 
Oil-free motor lubrication, low noise generation (under 60 decibels) and 1.5 m power cord 
Pumping 60 liters of air per minute (16 gallons per minute) 
Aluminum-alloy heat-radiating plates dissipates heat more effectively 
Aluminum manifold and 100% copper outlet nozzle delivers long-lasting performance 
32W electromagnetic motor produces exceptional air pressure (over 0.02 mpa) and sends a huge volume of air to the 6 adjustable valve outlets (compatible with 1/4" air lines) 

Connect the main outlet nozzle (barbed fitting) directly to the pump and then to the manifold using the supplied tubing. 
The main outlet nozzle may be connected directly to the target system (hydroponics, aquarium, etc.), or you can use the manifold to divide the airflow among many systems. In either case, you must purchase the tubing to connect to that system separately. 

Safety Suggestions: 
Ensure that the power source conforms to the power requirements specified on the product; use a standard AC outlet. 
This appliance should be grounded properly while in use to protect the operator from electric shock. 
Do not carry the appliance by the power cord; carry it using the carrying handle. 
Do not place heavy items on top of it, and do not use the appliance if the cable or plug is damaged. 
In order to avoid the water flowing back, the appliance must be installed above the water level of the system it is paired with, or a check valve must be installed on the outlet hose. 
Clean the filter sponge every two months in order to ensure the air is clean. 
The unit is not designed to be lubricated by oil; do not add any oil lubricant. 
Unplug the appliance when cleaning it. Wipe the unit with a soft cloth lightly dampened with soapy water. Do not wipe the plastic parts with solvent. 
install the unit handle facing up on a flat plane; remove other items from contact with it. 
Please keep the unit away from high-temperature environments. direct sunlight, moisture and dust. 
Unplug if the appliance will not be used for a long time. 
Never attempt to repair nor reassemble the appliance; ask a qualified technician to check and repair your unit. 

It is normal for air pumps to run a bit hot due to the high air pressure: this is nothing to worry about, but you may set up a fan to cool it if you wish. 
The main outlet nozzle (barbed fitting) is 3/8" in diameter. 
The outlets on the manifold take 1/4" air-line tubing. 
This pump comes with a short length of piping to connect the pump to the manifold, but air-line tubing from the manifold to your system is not included
  • Oil-Free Motor Lubrication


  • 950 Gallon Per Hour


  • 1.5 m power cord


  • Aluminum-Alloy Heat-Radiating Plates


  • 100% copper outlet nozzle