Vacuum Sealer Machine 15pcs Bags Black

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Vacuum Sealer Machine 15pcs Bags Black
- Weight: 600g / 21.2 oz
- Dimension: 14.2 X 2.1 X 2 inches / 36*5.4*5 CM
- Rated Power: 80W
- Rated Voltage: 110V / 60Hz
- Maximum sealing width: 11.6 inches / 29.5cm
- Vacuum Degree: Max. 8.31PS

How to use your food vacuum sealer system:
①Put the food into the food sealer bags.
②Put down the cover and lock the two side.
③Press the button start to work,it’s down while light turn to green.
④Poll up the release valva,open it and put out the bag.

What should you note
1.Please do not hold down the sealer for too long as it can burn a hole in the bag instead of sealing it.There is a power button to prevent accidental use.Safety is important as the sealer uses heat for main source of energy.
2.Please don't vacuum the liquids such as water or soup,because it will reduce the Vacuum Sealer' life.

Condition: New
Kitchen Appliance Materials: ABS
Dimensions: 3.15 inches (H) x 5.91 inches (W) x 17.32 inches (L)
Weight: 1.66 pounds
Included in the box: Package Include: 15* Heat-Seal Bags 1* Food Vacuum Sealer. 1* Instruction.
Made in United States