Waterproof LED Submersible Tealight Candles with Remote Control

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  • Comes with remote Control,you can turn the candles on/off at once and at the same time.
  • The Submersible lamp has an easy on/off switch,just twist the light,remove paper and twist the light again as the instruction marked.Then use the remote control to turn on/off
  • Great for Occasion Use (Not for long use),lasts about 50 hours
  • Built in 2 replaceable #CR2032 batteries,need to replace batteries after 4 days with lights off by remote
  • Submersible Underwater Candles with Remote Control
  • Can be placed in bottom of see through glass
  • 1" tall and 1 1/4" across,round type

* Twist the light off if not use above 24 hours
* Unit is harmful if swallowed.
* Unit can not be used in beverages that you want to drink.
* Unit is not intended for children under the age of 6.
* Avoid direct eye contact with the bulb when activated.

Package Include:
* LED Submersible Underwater Waterproof Tea Light Candles with remote (12pack or 36 pack)
*  CR2032 coin batteries (inside the candles) (2 of each light)

Notice: *When the tealight is not intend to use, please turn off the lights by remote control, then twist the body loosely or put the plastic separator film back in the light, otherwise, the batteries will still consume the power of the battery.