Weanas 4x Submersible Lights Candles White Multi Color 10 LED with Remote Control

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* 4 set white Submersible Underwater Lights with 10 LEDs and batteries included.
* Comes with remote Control,you can turn the candles on/off at once and at the same time.
* The Submersible lamp has an easy on/off switch,just twist the light,remove paper and twist the light again as the instruction marked.Then use the remote control to turn on/off
* Great for Occasion Use (Not for long use),lasts about 20-30 hours
* Built in 10 LEDs and 3 Replaceable AAA batteries in the candle,need to replace batteries after 60 days with lights off by remote
* Can be placed in bottom of see through glass
* 0.9" height and 2.8" diameter,round type

* Unit is harmful if swallowed.
* Unit can not be used in beverages that you want to drink.
* Unit is not intended for children under the age of 6.
* Avoid direct eye contact with the bulb when activated.

Package Include:
* 4 x White 10 LED Submersible Underwater Waterproof Candles with remote
* 12 x Replaceable AAA batteries (inside the candles)