Weanas Lightweight Micro Fleece Thermal Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Product Features:
- If you're tired of trying to clean the inside of your sleeping bag or your down sleeping bag cannot be washed when it's constantly getting dirty, a Weanas® Lightweight Micro Fleece Thermal Mummy Sleeping Bag will be a great solution.
- Using a liner will eliminate all the dirt that gets transferred from the great outdoors to your sleeping bag.
- Liners are easy to remove and toss into the washer when you get back home (a lot easier than trying to clean the whole inside of your bag!)
- If you ever need a light cover in the summer time, the liner can double as a sheet as well.
- It also can be used as a blanket for your summer travel picnic and camping outdoors.

Product Specification:
Length*Width: 185+30cm x 75cm (85 x 30 inches)
Weight: about700g (1.5 Lbs)
Package size: 25 x 15cm (6 x 10inches)

Washing Tips:
A. Wash below 86 degree Fahrenheit (30 degree Celsius)
B. Do not bleach
C. Machine Wash or Hand Wash
D. Wash separately from other clothes

Package included:
1x Sleeping Bag Liner
1x Carrying Bag